Whole-House Home Energy Rating /Energy Audit

HERS program extended to cover whole-house home energy ratings of existing (and newly constructed) homes.

  • Consistent, accurate, and uniform ratings based on a single statewide rating scale.
  • Reasonable estimates of potential utility bill savings, and reliable recommendations on cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency.
  • Labeling procedures that will meet the needs of home buyers, homeowners, renters, the real estate industry, and mortgage lenders with an interest in home energy ratings.
  • Proposed approaches for determining measure cost-effectiveness and recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, including cross checking against utility bills.
  • A standardized, statewide process for evaluating and ranking ENERGY improvements to a home.
  • A process that uses a CEC approved software tool to accurately and consistently perform the energy use calculations on a home.•
  • A process that can provide independent, non-biased energy upgrade recommendations without conflict of interest.