Duct pressure testing is used to diagnose duct leakage problems, estimate energy loss from duct leaks, and verify the quality of duct system installation.

Duct Testing Machine Ready To Test.
Duct Testing Machine Ready To Test.


Archon Energy Solution’s professional technicians can use duct testing equipment or with a blower door to determine how leaky, or energy-inefficient, a duct system is.

Duct leaks can make your home uncomfortable and unhealthy. Leaky return ducts can pull pollutants into your home from your attic, crawl space, basement or garage. Poorly installed supply ducts can cause dangerous backdrafting of fireplaces, wood stoves, and naturally vented gas and oil furnaces and water heaters. Leaky ducts also create pressure differentials in the house that cause drafts and moisture problems.


Installation left without attaching the ducting!
Installation left without attaching the ducting!

A poorly installed duct system costs you money, too. It reduces the efficiency of a forced-air furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system by 20 percent to 40 percent.

HERS Duct Testing for Title 24

Duct testing and certification is part of California, Title 24 established standards for energy efficiency. Title 24 comes into play when building new homes, when doing specific types of remodeling on your home, or when doing upgrades to your HVAC system.

Duct testing must be performed by an independent, third party, state certified HERS rater and involves pressuring the duct system with a low pressure and verifying that the ducts leak at a rate no greater than the specified percentage of total airflow of the HVAC equipment.

We are state certified HERS raters for both the 2008 energy code and the new 2013 Title-24 Building Energy Standards which took effect July 1, 2014.

How does duct testing and sealing make my home healthier?

Duct testing and sealing reduces indoor air pollutants two ways:

First, testing duct systems for pressure balance can uncover negative indoor air pressures that cause the whole house to leak (bringing in air from the attic, crawl space, basement or garage) and cause backdrafting of fireplaces, wood stoves, furnaces and water heaters. Without testing, many of these problems are not uncovered and corrected.

Second, sealing leaks in return ducts stops pollutants from being drawn into the home from the attic (insulation fibers, dust), crawl space (moisture, radon gas, pesticides, mold and mildew spores, animal residue, insulation fibers, dust), basement (mold, mildew, dust, carbon monoxide, chemical fumes) and the garage (car exhaust, carbon monoxide, chemical fumes, dust).

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