What to expect during your HERS inspection?

After our friendly and professional technicians arrive and introduce themselves, they will be performing a variety of tests depending on what equipment has been installed.

The most common tests you will typically have performed are: Duct leakage test, refrigerant charge and airflow verification.

Duct Leakage Testing

This test measures the amount of air leaks in unconditioned areas from the duct system (Attic or crawlspace) If your project requires duct leakage testing, we will need access to all areas of the home that have air vents so we can properly cover them for our testing.

Refrigerant Charge Verification

This test measures the performance of your new air conditioning system and verifies that the refrigerant levels are to manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians carry top of the line calibrated, digital refrigerant equipment for this process.

Airflow Verification

This test is in conjunction with the refrigerant charge verification and is used to measure the velocity of air flowing through your duct system during the air conditioning cycle.

After Your Inspection…

Our office staff will produce compliance certificates issued by the California Energy Commission that is necessary for the finalization of your building permit.